Cooper Industries
Cooper Industries was founded in 1833 with its worldwide headquarters in Houston, USA. A Fortune 500 company, Cooper Industries’ products is renowned for their superior quality and superb craftsmanship. The company’s business Portfolios is organized into two segments: Electrical products and tools. We have end-market diversity, serving the commercial construction, industrial, residential and utility markets. Cooper holds a leading position in attractive global markets, offering balanced and predictable returns, and excellent foundation for future growth.
Cooper Industries has 9 divisions and around 30,000 employees worldwide. Its 2005 revenues topped near US 5 billions.
Currently, Cooper Holding China as a Asia headquarter locates in PuDong HeQing Industries zone, where Cooper establishes its magnificent campus with more than 500 employees working in various divisions and functions. 


库柏文化(Cooper Culture and Values)
People and Leadership
Speed and Adaptability

库柏发展战略与执行原则(Strategy and Principles)
- -Passion for the Customer
- -Innovation as our Lifeblood
- -Growth and Profit from the Core:
*Acquire to Strengthen Core
- -Excel at Globalization
- -Continuous Improvement Mind-set-MVP

人才招聘(Talents and Elites Recruitment)
Cooper is poised for dramatic growths and is looking for suitable and right talents to join and grow with Cooper. If you like challenges and have the right stuff to succeed in a fast-paced environment, Cooper is an excellent place for you.

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